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Embrace your sacred human nature

Embrace your inner wisdom, step into your true potential

Hello, my name is Diana and it is my pleasure to welcome you at Sacred Core Intimacy!

I offer structured body-based modalities such as psychotherapy, tantra massage, and soft de-armoring with energy with the focus on healing and transformational processes for personal and spiritual growth.

If you are willing to grow, change, transform, letting go of the comfortable layers of self-limiting beliefs, moving past old patterns, meeting yourself in the full expression of your True Potential, then what I offer might be for you!

My intention is to offer my skills to support you finding your true potential!


Core Energetics

Core Energetics is a process for life and healing that seeks the integration of all aspects of our humanity: the emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual.


Tantra Therapy & Trauma Healing

Tantra therapy is a path towards expansion of the mind & consciousness while bringing awareness to our human experience and to the ways we use the energy in our body, in our mind and ultimately in all aspects of our life. 

There is energy in everything we create, which determines the way we move, think, and relate to ourselves and others. 

Tantra is a practical system that teaches us how to use the energy in a conscious way, so that we become the Highest Creators of our lives.


Tantric Remote Energy Healing

Tantric Remote Energy it is a healing modality part of the greater system of Tantra, based on one of the fundamental tantric principles and the universal force: ENERGY.

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